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if thats enough for her to be put off from you, then maybe she wasnt that into you in the first place & good riddance?


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I literally just made my point in a simple & concise sentence. I have no idea how you extracted homophobia from it. It doesn't even mention men or homosexuality. I never said the word "pathological" so stop shoving your stupid words in my mouth & stop making stupid fucking assumptions about my gender and sexuality and whether or not gay men hit on me, troll.


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tell her you are into her, feel torn up about mixed signals & and would appreciate it if she would be straightforward with you.


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yeah i think gay men harrassing straight guys is comparable to straight guys harrassing lesbians, but without the gender power dynamic. It comes from that patriarchal entitlement to other ppls bodies and a denial of the person-being-hitted-upon's own sexual autonomy.

i mean, its fine to flirt with someone, but not taking a no very well & thinking you can change someone's sexuality is entitled and creepy

& I cant wrap my mind around the thing you said about transwomen so sorry cant answer you there