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yeah.... there are usually triggers. Try to identify triggers. Grounding exercises and mindfulness. parts work even. general mental health maintenance. it only happens to me when my mental health has gotten really bad or i've been triggery.


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it looks like they did a domestic adoption in a foreign country and didn't follow the hague standards or whatever (put in place to prevent child trafficking). This is terrible but they should have consulted a lawyer and followed the guidelines for international adoption.

edit- its well known information , easily accessible on google, that you can't just adopt a kid and bring them in. You have to follow some special protocol which you probably need a lawyer for. This is a tragedy and it could have been avoided. I still hate bureaucracy, but that's just how it works


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The number of lone-parent families with at least one child living in temporary accommodation rose by 54 per cent in the last five years to 38,390.

I would bet the increase in single parent families is the result of increased financial and housing insecurity- hard to keep relationships good under chronic stress