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someone tried to teach me anarchy (i asked a lot of questions) and i didn't get to a point of self-learning until i was in a super fucked up legal situation. its not possible to understand it all at once, it's definitely a learning experience, about developing a critical lens with which to analyze society and power structures and morals


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as a former fssw, I think that if people need to label their experience serial rape or make such comparisons, then that is their experience and its valid af

edit- I want to add that I'm not a swerf but feel disgusted by the glamorization/normalization of sw almost much as i do by sesta/fosta


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hey thanks for reading, i think im gonna wait until im all good and talk to them abt it and maybe talk to the therapist about it too, if they want to rly get over it and be a good person.

I dont think cutting vulnerable ppl out will help them. That is not my first option here. I think the "hey im your friend and i want to keep being your friend but this problem is _______________" would be good. ty


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they are my friend and i care about them and they have helped me out a lot. I'm kind of reliant on them rn but I will address it wen i am more free and stable. I dont know if i shold turn it over to the victims or not, i dont talk to any of them. I don't think a sentence would help my friend. I don't know what helps sexually addictive behavior.