Catsforfun wrote

Here’s what I think as a nonprofessional:

1: dissociating: i dissociate a lot. Esp in social situations due to social Anxiety. There is a cause and a trigger. There is an Origen. Listen to yourself and identify it because that will make it so much easier to work with.

2: I don’t have any experience with psychosis but I from what I k ow about mental health and from my personal experiences with mental health, is that is you start freaking out about having a weird or scary experience or state of mind you can get stuck in it because you are fixating on it.

Identify triggers.

It sounds like your word salad thing was maybe a mental health climax from the distress of dissociation. It sounds like maybe that was building up and building up until you got the word salad thing.

These experiences pass. You can move through it but you need to keep having perspective so you don’t get caught in a cycle. For me internal family systems is really good for that. Don’t get caught in fear don’t get caught in anger, let those feelings pass while you maintain compassion for all emotional and mental states no matter how frustrating or scary.

Now I’m gonna go try to take my own advice. Hope this helps.