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i dont think that comment is sexist. it seems like they are expressing that they wished they could find more patterns for masc clothes


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I don't necessarily think excommunication is the answer, but Bones made those decisions to delete his platforms himself, right?

I think it's wise that Bones didn't present his side of the story because it would just sound like he was making excuses. I can't imagine he would own up to much, they never do. But then again, it could have been refreshing, who knows?

About the power dynamics... It's the combination of the age, the gender, the mentorship relationship, the sexual aggression/pushiness, and the alcohol... The not taking no for answer historically (re:texts) didn't help. It's the aggressiveness plus the power dynamic... Acting as if a power dynamic doesn't exist (ie being sexually pushy when there is a large age difference) is a huge red flag. Someone who isn't predatory is able to acknowledge factors that may play into power and consent and adjust behavior accordingly because they are aware of and care about how power affects consent.

I can see why the person says they felt groomed. He kept pushing boundaries while in a position of some power.

Yeah it would change some if Bones was equally wasted, but not terribly much. Those texts alone are enough for me to know what kind of man he is.


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I ma a hardcore fucking feminist and I completely disagree with these ppl's take on substance and consent.

But I also think it was assault in this instance bc of the level of inappropriateness and the sexual pushiness, the power dynamics, and the fact that despite the power dynamics he has sex with her completely smashed. The the throwing up bit .. like drunk sex is one thing , but if you've thrown up you probably had too much to consent.

edit- and whether or not they consented, Bones' behavior was predatory. period.


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I don’t know how I feel. I’ll come back and edit later when I know if I know. I’m kind of low on fucks to give about stuff rn though

edit- i understand the problem w/ the word "health". I like rad. I like wellbeing ok. I like radmentalhealth ok. thats my opinion. this is the peoples radmentalheal/wellness forum.


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Those pharmaceuticals do help some people, but they also hurt lots of people. I personally don't understand why someone would want to take psych drugs but I've also never been helped by any at all. Even if it was going to help me, the abusive system absolutely would have negated any positive effects.

So it's the system of power that we hate and also it's a role of powerlessness being sold to us. And the bad corporate science too.