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i notice that it doesn't mention that t_d had been inactive for months

sure, it notes that most of the subs banned were inactive, but it describes t_d specifically as though it were still this massive hub for the online right and not a ghost town


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It wasn't all video games, though it mostly was. There were also tabletop game books, resources for game makers, books about video games (e.g. Okay, Hero, a collection of retrospective essays about the Metal Gear Solid series), and some other stuff. Just a grab bag of the stuff you can find on itch.

Of the games, you had everything from extremely-polished titles that got attention in the gaming press to small, rough, experimental ones that had probably never sold a single copy before being included in the bundle and probably won't ever sell another one again (this isn't meant to be a knock against them; those titles have artistic value. It just is what it is in terms of commercial viability).