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Big tech avoids GPL because they want to benefit from volunteer work without having any obligation to the community they benefit from. The biggest obstacles for lay users to use free software are:

  1. Inconvenience of free software, particularly its integration with proprietary networks and hardware.

  2. Low tolerance for inconvenience by lay people. They sell their attention for convenience on a regular basis, by watching ads and propagandized television programming.

The second group is a lost cause. They just want to sit on their couch and watch a whitewashed, watered down, dramatized version of real life trauma. Pain is entertainment to them.

For the first group, we can improve on boarding and integration experiences for people who already have hardware and preferred social networks, but more importantly we must build and participate in FOSS networks and hardware.

When you purchase new hardware for yourself or others, consider how much nonfree software has to go into it. Are there kernel drivers upstream? Is the firmware open source or do you need blobs? How do those details factor into the overall experience and sustainability of the hardware? I think many of us have owned android devices that never saw notable updates, and now regret buying those devices.


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Do you know what kind of frog it is? Do you know what its needs are? Taking wild animals out of the wild can be traumatic, and should probably only be a last resort if the animal is injured or in imminent danger (e.g. due to fires or floods).


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I imagine customs would give you lots of trouble. They usually try to restrict the movement of non-domesticated species.

Can you fit it up your ass? /s


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It has been ~3 weeks since I had contact with any of my "friends". Usually I reach out every couple of weeks, but I have not been feeling it lately. They don't reach out except in rare circumstances.


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I found it quite frustrating that he did not consider the absolute idiocy of a homeowner who leaves firearms and ammunition unattended and not in a safe. And why would he need an ak47 in the first place if not to kill some cops?

Then they also don't bring up why the girl would literally keep going even after being shot twice... I can only assume she has been the victim of abuse.


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Well calling yourself a lazy pos is probably not helping your mental health.

Sometimes if I am having trouble getting out of bed, it is because of something I did the day or night before. Like not eating enough, eating bad food, staying up late staring at a screen, drinking alcohol, smoking or eating cannabis, not exercising enough, et cetera.

One easy way to identify patterns that leave you feeling unable to get out of bed is to keep a health journal. That way if you are feeling especially down, or up, you can look back at what you did right or wrong.


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Dead space is such a good way to put it.

Made by humans for their one true god, capital.

I think a lot of people drive because walking or biking can only take you so far, and the landscape of the city is so mundane and repetitive. Driving helps people escape the monotony and find new places. People were not meant to live sedentary lifestyle in my opinion.