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If you lived as a fat person then you'd see the problem is very real. Harassment towards fat people is common. I've been singled out for it in public, I've been told I'm a disgrace to my family and country (lol like I care), and in general have received the message that there is something deeply wrong and broken about me because I'm fat. Do you think receiving those messages is healthy, oh well one?

Cut the crap. The reason you don't like fat people isn't because of some health concern or even because of capitalism. Do we blame anyone else for the negative effect capitalism has on them?


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Maybe there should be shared accounts with specific purposes, like for sharing news. People who want to remain anonymous or otherwise don't want to make their own account for some reason can share what they want for that particular purpose without making themselves targets, and we know that that account isn't for voting and whatnot so people can't abuse it.


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I'm not sure you're going to find many, if any, non-terf sources on "biological oppression". Pretty much any mention of it I've seen have been used to try to silence trans women or imply that they're not really women. Not all XX people experience what you've mentioned as struggles, btw. Intersex people with XX chromosomes exist that can't do those things and I'm pretty sure there are people with Y chromosomes who experience at least some of those things.