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You really going to accuse them of gaslighting after you pulled this shit?


Link to someone saying anything even resembling this:

everybody who criticizes Raddle is a fascist


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Anti Evil Operations is a reddit admin account. It's not a regular admin because it's anonymous - you can't message it and it doesn't have a profile. It's the account they use to delete things like this - things where there's no possibility of appeal.


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Interestingly, the r/socialism version of your post wasn't removed. But it's filled with people dismissing Will as a liberal...



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as if trying to live out revolutionary values is somehow a bad thing

So having values is reactionary, according to reddit leftists, lol.

The opposite is true, if you're not making radical changes in your own life, in how you live and relate to others and the environment, there's no way you're working towards any genuine change in the world.

Yes! All change starts on an individual level, if you won't set an example yourself by living your life according to your own supposed values, why would anyone else bother to adopt those values?


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But the ranchers and factory farmers and slaughterhouse partners would have raised hell if Tyson started selling meatless burgers.

For sure, I've seen this first hand. The company I work for tried to start selling a new product that one of our customer's also sold and he flipped out and we had to pull the product from the market to keep him as a customer.