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The reports came out after an anonymous Chinese official gave an interview with Radio Free Asia, confirming the program but denying there was anything sinister about it.

Sorry, China is shit but this article is terrible


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but horrifyingly instead reveals itself as a normalized way of colonizing the unknown

I really like this sentence and the entire idea behind it. I’m a firm believer that capitalism has reached a higher stage than imperialism, one that can be best understood as totalitarian capitalism. Where every sector of life and living has been and is getting increasingly more commodified, a capitalism that is totally encompassing.


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Gotta pick a girl name now. Been thinking about Sophia for awhile, but recenty Anastasia has caught my eye. Anybody know any cute girl names? Please share, preferably Greek or Romanian, but i’m not married to my ‘roots’ or any of that jazz


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I, for one, absolutely used r/anarchism to soften the image of MLism during my ‘rigid’ ML days. Although I was always quite open with critiquing those states because I could never be disingenous with my views to try and push a specific perspective.

But this is something that anarchists should definitely be aware of. Many MLs and ML adjacent people use anarchist webspaces and spread their views unintentionally or intentionally in a way to bring people closer to MLism.


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There’s a dengist in my campus ML group, but the group is generally hoxhaist/anti-revisionist. Nobody really has the heart to tell her to stop because she clearly gets all her information on China from dengist memes and various pro-China subreddits and doesn’t actually know anything about China.