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gender dysphoria 2: electric boogaloo

gender dysphoria hit me worse than it ever has this week and I came out to a friend about being trans and I feel really good. Uhhhh ya, tried to repress it lol


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I’ve spent the first few weeks of college exploring my gender and sexuality and I think I can say that I’m cishet. So please refer to me with he/him pronouns now. Thanks

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Yeah, my roommate is the only person I’m really chill with. I also live in the smallest dorm building in my school which really limits my options with friends and I don’t really like the people I’ve met so far. I just feel like, even though I’m not great at being social, whenever I want to try and turn a new leaf I just get put in the worst, most awful circumstances for accomplishing what I want.

That said, club season is starting soon so I’m gonna get involved in clubs, mainly plant and agriculture clubs, but I’m also going to be looking into the options for leftist student groups. So far the only anti-capitalist one I know is the All-Marxist-Leninist-Union.