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Good reddit comment I saw:

Aside from punching down at non binary people she was also punching down on non “passing” trans people. It was pretty depressing seeing someone who said they’d been convinced to repress and not transition as they thought they’d do harm to “real” trans people because of that video.

It’s also rather annoying how cultish her fanbase is and how they refuse to acknowledge she did anything harmful.

They've even been banning people from the contrapoints subreddit for objecting to that video.


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This thing is so immense that the only possible way to put a dent in it is to declare war. The rest of the world needs to turn against these handful of nations that are responsible for the vast majority of the destruction. Shut down their trade avenues completely, slap them with sanctions, exclude them from international forums, treat them like the destroyers of life they are.


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We'll be smeared by our rulers and their forces no matter what we do.

This is beyond building class awareness, we are already experiencing mass extinction on a scale never before seen. When the collapses hit home, the rich will genocide every one of us in a desperate attempt to save themselves.

It's time to stop thinking educating the working class is going to save us. There's no revolution coming. Only starvation. The rich will survive the chaos ahead. We won't. When they no longer need our labor, they'll let us starve.

They have enough wealth to insulate themselves for several generations. We have nothing. The moment the food is gone, we die.


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Peaceful 'rebellion' won't change anything. Industry brutalizes all life on this planet 24/7. They are driving every lifeform to extinction. They bulldoze the forests to manufacture deodorant and toothpaste. Asking them nicely to stop making the shit we consume is useless. We need to stop consuming it. We need to stop consumption, period. Put an end to all commerce. Developers, manufacturers, energy interests, banking, factory farms. It's not going anywhere until we stop feeding it, stop accepting it as normal and necessary. It's killing us, it's killing everything. Industry has to stop.


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Anarchist of previous times weren't pacified by the glow of their ipads and msg. If people don't ditch the bread and circuses they'll never fight.


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Don't allow industry to operate. Swarm. Occupy. Block. Stop paying for consumer goods, just take them. Stop driving, instead pile cars on top of each other to block the roads. Close all the trade avenues so industry can't profit. Drive every polluter to bankruptcy.

Declare a year of rage.

This is our revolution. Our one, last chance.

Industry, global consumerism, trade, travel, capitalism, it all needs to be rendered obsolete or all life on this planet is going extinct.