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Yes! Great idea for an askraddle.

I love to turn my boss's against each other psychologically.

Steal boss 1's food out of the fridge, eat half of it, and put the rest on boss 2's desk while boss 2 is out. Get boss 1 to go to boss 2's desk for some made up reason.

I do stuff like this all the time and it keeps them both deeply distrustful of each other and makes the company ineffective.


Brick wrote

Kropotkin explains it best:

Marxists have the bad (but deliberate) habit of confusing 'state' for 'society'. So of course they always end up making allowances for statism both in theory and practice.

Since they have a monopoly on the word 'communism', we're better off using our word because it's been conceived to not make allowances for hierarchy or 'temporary' states.

Anarchism is more than a set of economic theories - it's an unending struggle for autonomy and a stand against authority. Marxism doesn't gel with anarchy's primary drive, and that's why there's so much conflict between us historically. We simply don't want the same things.