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There are plenty of seed shop sites you can use and sites with reviews of each site.


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It starts with pewdiepie dropping casual racism and then they go further down the rabbit hole as they visit the alt light youtube channels he links, and then the full fascist stuff is a stones-throw away.


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Trotsky's definition was useless since it depended on the workers overthrowing the 'bureaucrats' in order to install communism.

How is that any different than overthrowing the capitalists?

How are the bureaucrats functionally any different than the capitalists?

Do they not still control the means of production?

Do they not still oppress the workers and wage imperialist wars beyond their borders to enrich themselves?

Do they not still weaponize a brutal police state against the workers and peasants to safeguard their own wealth and privileges?

Do they not still destroy the environment in pursuit of rapid industrialization, growth and PROFIT?

Do they not still control their society through the issuance of MONEY?

So how are the bureaucrats not a new elite class of state-capitalists? Because Trotsky says so?

I'm not amused by this straight up doublespeak.

state capitalism


an economic system that is primarily capitalistic but there is some degree of government ownership of the means of production