Boywithamagnet wrote

I’ve never done anything with the actual wrap around it just because that is like the tell tale sign to everyone around that you haven’t paid and if you are headed out the door you obviously don’t intend to pay however I have done plenty of things that are source tagged but there is nothing at the front to be set off so there is no way for it to set anything off


Boywithamagnet wrote

You should post the other two it’s always fun to hear other people’s stories a good tip though might be to just wear like a hoodie and baseball cap and take them off at your change spot instead of switching outfits on the side of the road and I personally have taken a few welders from home depot some pressure washers and power tools that they don’t have locked away because the way mine is set up they have no door sensors and no one watches the front door ever so I walk in and like to take a nice stroll down the wrong lane usually in the tile isle because I feel like that is the least likely to get you tagged by lp when you enter than I like to head over to whatever it is that I want to grab and put it in my shopping cart and proceed to the garden area however the garden area at my home depot got it on lock but the front door has quite literally nothing but once i’m in the garden area I grab the receipt I have from my wallet and head back in the other garden center door making it look like I paid back over in the garden center in case anyone even glances my way and I head straight out the front door over to the other parking lot where I parked. If anyone has any ideas how I could improve this please share i’ve grabbed well over $5k in items from dome hepot and had no issues (mostly in higher end welders).