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The confidence isn't about confronting people though, it's the stealing itself. I'm constantly scared that camera up in the corner is watching me, or someone is gonna turn the corner as I'm concealing.

About the blind spots, how can you make sure where you're at is a blind spot? How do you look for blind spots without seeming suspicious? Also, how do you bring multiple items to your blind spot, then coming out with nothing, without setting off some alarms? Is it just for the legal aspect of it?


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How can I gain confidence to start shoplifting? How can I look for blind spots? I was thinking of lifting some earbuds from Rite Aid today because they're supposed to be easy, what do you think would be the best strategy?


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In case you haven't noticed much of today's culture is based on misogynistic values of the past. With continued use it eventually lost it's original misogynistic background and anyone except for you would not give it a second thought. It's frivolous to try and reconstruct America's "misogynistic" characteristics, as you would call them. So no, I don't think that's a problem at all, and even if it is, the problem is so small that only people like you, who make it their job to scrutinize somewhat vaguely feminist issues, would notice it.

P.s, men are statistically more likely to partake in risky behavior meaning that these terms do have scientific backing to them.

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Then since you're such a bigshot you must not remember much about how it's still very possible that walmart will call the police if the LP is a dickhead and it's better to just try and not get caught the first time instead of walking in and out of the store buying nothing two days in a row.