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my go-to is jewelry. you can easily get a couple hundred bucks worth of stuff from small shops or at least you can around where I live. semi-prescious stones and gold plated shit is usually $50-100 and they're tiny so its easy to stuff your pockets. i think ebay or something like that is risky though so id pawn them somewhere far enough away from where you got them. maybe you can even say you made them and sell them on etsy or some shit idk.

ik that probably wont be enough but at least it's something

happy lifting.


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that reminds me of what my friend said when I told her I'm afraid to tell my parents. she just said "what are they gonna do, tell you no?" and I mean I guess they probably will but there's not much they could do about it lol


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theres a list somewhere on here with a shit ton of stores and their difficulties. I'll look for it for ya.


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i used to get nightmares all the time then later I started lucid dreaming and they went away for the most part. i get that you don't want to dream at all but it's a bit easier to force yourself to wake up when you know you're dreaming.

but if you want drugs, i know this isnt as fun but you can always try to get prescribed prazosin or something. getting baked helps too though.


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thanks, my dad also told me once that boiling the animal would do the trick but I don't wanna do that in the house, nor do I have an old pot id do that with. I will try this next time i find something though.

also nah i dont live anywhere like that, im in the midwest :(