Booster_Bitch103 wrote

This could be done. Id try the walmart option first but if you're set on target than do it flawlessly. I really like the idea of putting everything in a bin so its just one dump in the car and go. Please remember to mask your license plate if you dont have a false. And have it done before you even enter the parking lot , you don't wanna get caught up with getting away but they check the cameras and get you before you even enter the store. And also park facing out so your jus ready to get the hell outta there. Good luck girl. Times will get better for ya!


Booster_Bitch103 wrote

I seriously lost count on how many of these ive gotten away with. WalmaRto has been my number one spot for these, and the walkout method is going to be your best bet. Gotta find one with no one blocking the door and casually walk out. Sometimes ill even hold an old reciept. Or self checkout a couple things and just "accidentally" not scan the mixer!