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Before @i_buy_shit was banned I asked this same question. And he suggested just lifting items and flipping them to buy the keyboard. But I ended up not listening and lifting it anyways, heres how.

  1. Detagged keyboard and brought it closer to the front of the store. Left it hidden on a shelf.
  2. Bought a cheap $20 LG keyboard
  3. Walked back to the shelf with the razer keyboard and did a lil switcheroo (now the razer is in the plastic bag and the LG is hidden on the shelf.
  4. Walked out, LP quickly glanced at the receipt, marked it walked out.
  5. Dropped the keyboard off in my car.
  6. Walked back in with the receipt for the LG
  7. Grabbed the LG
  8. Got a refund
  9. Went home and played League for 3 hours on my new keyboard.

Keep in mind that I go to this store often, and have intentionally dealt with each of the door LP. I know which ones actually look at receipts, which ones don't, which ones care etc. I made sure I pulled off this lift when the lady I wanted was there.


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I've hit the Calvin Klein outfits a few times and posted about them before. Not too sure about women's but nearly all of their items have a simple soft tag that you can just cut or rip off worst case scenario. Their security is pretty lazy, but I'm not sure about their policies


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Sorry man. Not tryna sound like a dick, but of you really plan on quitting altogether. You should probably say goodbye to it altogether, including this forum. I know I'm gonna get some backlash, but it's the best way if you wanna quit. Otherwise, take a break for a while, and learn from your mistakes. Then get right back to it.


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