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wasn't banned for a comment:

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Edit: Oh I guess you're looking at the pms in my inbox from randos at the end of the screenshot? Forgot to crop them out. People try to honeypot me a lot.


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Crimean Tatars: Deported- 191,014 Died- 34,300

Kalmyks: Deported- 93,139 Died- 12,600

Balkars: Deported- 40,900 Died- 7,600

Karachays: Deported- 69,267 Died- 13,100

Meskhetian Turks: Deported- 115,000 Died- 12,859

Koreans: Deported- 172,000 Died- 40,000

Chechens & Ingushs Deported- 478,479 Died- 145,800


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Ideally we'd disassemble the concept of the 'city' and reboot it to be more sustainable. Every building would power itself, living roofs for growing food, community gardens surrounding every apartment complex, roads within the city limits closed to motor vehicles. Bike / wheelchair lanes everywhere. Human waste composting plants. Every building would need to be self reliant, or at least semi-reliant on resources within the community, and not depend on importing everything from outside and exploiting the rest of the world.