BishamonSr OP wrote

All ideas and theories started somewhere and the person behind them who supported their claims took the abuse in the beginning. I'm pretty certain people like you existed back in Newton's and Einstein's time to bash them on their findings. And it was until they never quit and continued to make valid points when people started to understand and believe. You would have been this way up against Einstein and Newton, I'm sure. Until a lot of people follow this theory, you will always give me hell or at least try to put me there. And, no, I'm not putting myself on Einstein's or Newton' level. Just making a point.

And, it isn't all about "POC". As wars are started through "People of Power", they too play a part in Earth's negative energies. What makes you think this is all about people of color? There is obvious a portion or two that you didn't understand in the article, that's why you're frustrated right now. Take a crap, you're constipated. Let it digest and go back and read it again. It's some incredible information in that article that you have to understand. And what is with you guys with selling calculators. So, you think I'm a calculator salesman? Lol! Nothing wrong with that, but, I'm not a calculator salesman.


BishamonSr OP wrote

When scientist are able to test a sample of dark energy, I guess we'll find out. But until then, you know like I know that murders turn people cold, violence turns people cold, conflict turns people cold. As the Universe expands it get's colder. The world continues down a path of destruction. Humans seem to never learn. Racism never dies, hate never dies, discrimination never dies. Maybe as the universe cools we are unable to control our hateful ways. If we are able to strengthen our self control someway or another than maybe we can prevent the increase of dark energy. Maybe it's too late. Maybe we are a duplication of a far distant Alien planet that studies us to incorporate our methods in their planet. Maybe it starts with us.