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I may agree with where these stressors come from, but can we prove it with empirical data? What I'm saying is nailing these issues and helping our trans friends to live longer, happier lives might be worth the effort of honest inquiry. While we can see the societal pressures everyday, what are the ones we cannot see? What are other causes? These are questions we need answers to. What we don't need is the shutting down of conversation with this inanely argumentative bullshit.


BinkBonk wrote

"Follow your fellow faggots" isn't okay to put on the poster, but the suicide stat is correct.

Why this many trans individuals opt for suicide is still up in the air and deserves proper studying. It would be fantastic to have a large scale in depth study into trans people and see what stressors they face/have faced in their lives, if they have been abused(physically, sexually, mentally including anti-trans rhetoric), or if they have histories of mental illness that could lead to suicide.

While telling others to kill themselves is unacceptable, this is actually an important point to talk about. LGBT+ deserves more studies they and others can more effectively work towards solutions.