Binary wrote

Here we can check the sourcecode ourselves and see our IP addresses and other identifying info aren't being stored.


Binary wrote (edited )

Yucking it up with liberals and fascists on a corporate advertising platform that openly hands our data to the FBI and tracks and permanently logs everything we do (even if we delete everything) isn't any kind of praxis.

Turning this safe, FOSS and monetization-free site into a healthy alternative to that cesspool is damned good praxis.

If liberals aren't coming here it's because we're failing to effectively promote the site to them. It's a community run site, so if we put in the time to bring people here, it could be to social media what Firefox was to Internet Explorer or Linux was to Windows.

The developers have given us all the ingredients, now it's our turn.

Raddle is only as good as its community is dedicated to making it good.


Binary wrote

It's only a backup plan for people who don't mind being spied on, having their data handed to the feds and having their minds be monitized by a closed source corporate advertising platform that feeds the capital-military-prison industrial complex.

The rest of us don't go near that place.


Binary wrote

Very much so. It all sounds like it's pumped out by a committee now.


Binary wrote

WD knew about it for 6 months and didn't lift a finger.