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I hope you scout the land very well. If they have an Anatolian Shepherd or a Cane Corso you are going to have a very bad day.

This might be an asshole move unless this is a large farm operation. Do not hunt on someones land that has a few lamb, sheep, or dairy cows. That would make you a class traitor.

Have you ever hunted before? A situation like this I would go with stealth and hunt with a bow. Use a Grim Reaper arrow or something similar. I would use an ATV or some other motorized vehicle to be able to get the corpse off the land as soon as possible. If you have never drug dead weight this is not the time to learn. Once you get back to a safe place immediately field dress, break it down, and start chilling.


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ABSOLUTELY do not turn yourself in.

Contact a lawyer and give them all of the details. If they feel the need for you to turn yourself in let them tell you that first. They will likely be able to negotiate bail and all other details so that if an arrest is unavoidable you would just show up at the station, submit prints and a picture and go home until you meet with a magistrate.

If you turn yourself in you automatically be playing catchup.


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Sorry. I did not answer your question.

I do not know if it is a bad idea. Myself, I would remove the spider tag with a S3 key or magnet.

What store is this?

What item?

What do you plan to do with the spider wrap when you are done?

I do not have any spiderwrap I could test this with. I have a couple Alpha boxes but it damn hard to set those off and the speaker design is different.

If it is some item you seriously need/want... I would lift a pair of angle cutters or high leverage cable cutters. Walk with the item close to an exit, snip the cable, drop the wrap and run out the door with the item. Do this in a different state. Take appropriate precautions.

If this is not some serious need I would lift some small items, flip them on Ebay, then order an S3 key. Much safer, easier, and high chance of total success.


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Healthy. I don't feel anyone is safe.

50-60% of my friends have no job or have no hours.

30% of the population is walking around and are silent carriers. 1000s of people have died. I don't want to think about what the total number will be. A mother and father lost their 6 week old child. Many other parents have lost kids.

Don't mean to be a party drag... It just sucks with where the world is.

You folks have fun. I am not on much and not lifting much besides materials to make masks.

I would advise most people stay home and stay safe. It is not worth the risk of getting sick for a few bucks.


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What are you planning to do to activate the alarm?

What water source are you going to submerge it in? I am going to assume you only have two sources: the toilet and the sink.

What item are you trying to remove spiderwrap from?


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I think you will be fine. They have your data. If they were going to call the cops they would have already done so. I would call the cops and make sure there is not an active warrant out for you. The warrant part can easily take up to a week depending on how busy your town is.


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Seriously... don't.

Your friends that are lifting from Target have been lucky so far. It is a matter of time before they get caught.

If you really want to lift from Target; pick one item that can be palmed and just walk out. There is no real advice about Target.


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You need to give a whole lot more information...

  • Where is this motorcycle located?
  • What kind of security is around the motorcycle?
  • What brand and model motorcycle?
  • Do you know how to ride a bike?
  • Do you have a vehicle with a closed trailer?

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Word of advice.. If you are going to try it again at the same store be extra careful. I would hope you are going to hit a different store.

When you start selling always immediately take a few bucks and save it somewhere.