BigGeorge moderator wrote (edited )

An 'unprovoked' attack is the key word.

A response to an unprovoked attack is a defense, or a counter-attack.

Don't use this forum as a venue to launch unprovoked personal attacks on users, try to shame them for not being brocialists like you, and then play victim when you get flamed for it.


BigGeorge moderator wrote (edited )

Banned for doubling down on ableism.

I suggest you make a new forum like f/brocialism where you can rant about idpol in peace.

You can appeal your ban in f/meta but since you've made clear you will continue ignoring the terms of service every moderator is tasked with upholding, I wouldn't bother.

Reply to comment by /u/buzz in by /u/ziq


BigGeorge wrote (edited )

Sure. You can easily make a theme with a new logo. Just write e.g. ziq/Fresh (case sensitive) in the parent theme box and link to raddle's thumbnail cache of your image in the common css box.

Click 'new theme'.

Write 'ziq/Fresh' in the first box.

Put this is the next box (common css):

.site-nav__logo { background-image: url(/media/cache/submission_thumbnail_1x/ad7ba69e7bdb6134d27908dd9705ddd637a941dce768a0a750ac6167f70eb54c.png); background-size: 32px 32px; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: 0px center; color: var(--site-nav-fg); padding-left: calc(32px + 1rem); vertical-align: middle; }

You get the thumbnail cache by right clicking the thumbnail you need on f/themeimages and copying the link (don't use the whole url, start at /media and end in .png)