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Yes, it's part of Postmill, but it's optional.

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Assuming Trump hurts more ppl than other US presidents is naive. He's slightly worse for USAmericans, but Obama and Bush were responsible for far more non-American deaths, maimings, displacement and other suffering. The sooner the USA loses its super power status through sheer incompetence, the better.

As long as the US is engaging in the wholesale slaughter of brown people for their oil, and the century-long occupation of every corner of the planet... Wishing for the indefinite continuance of the genocidal US empire and its brutal capitalist system so people inside the US will have their rights for a little longer is USAmerican privilege on full display.

The empire needs to go. USAmericans will suffer while that happens. Would you have prolonged nazi Germany's reign so the German civillians wouldn't go without their privileges?

Those privileges US citizens cling to while the world burns around them are drenched in the blood of brown babies burned to death in their cots by the US war machine. Those privileges are gained through the literal destruction of the planet so US citizens can have their, Starbucks, walk in closets and 24/7 air conditioning.

f/DeathToAmurica and death to notions that the temporary upholding of the privileges of USAers is more important than averting the terrorist state's untold horrors against the rest of the planet to keep Amurica great.

Trump is bad for Amurica. His impeachment would allow the rulers to prolong the cruel farces of US democracy and US exceptionalism so the empire can live to see another day.


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Welcome, welcome!!

Be sure to sign up for your Antifa Corp check and we'll get it right to you! And pick up your solid gold molotov at the door as a token of my appreciation for your great service to the cause.

And a good f/DeathToAmurica to you, young warrior!