BigGeorge wrote

He's anti-left, but that doesn't preclude Maosim; which is authoritarian as fuck and in all honesty - rightwing. He was never an anarcho-primitivist, just a primitivist. Now he's a Maoist-primitivist.

There's a lot of misinformation out there about anarcho-primitivism that lumps all radical eco people in with them, Kaczynski especially. Just because the guy sent out bombs and wants to save the planet doesn't make him an anarchist.

He thinks the only way to save the planet is through an authoritarian government that resembles Mao's China more than anything else. The government would force people to stop polluting and destroying the ecosystems. What he fails to realize is that Mao was responsible for untold environmental destruction and trusting a totalitarian one-party government to salvage the planet is fucking naive.