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Have no opinion. When I try to think about it - it inevitably brings up my struggle with accepting the pain and harm I do to plants, and mushrooms and the planet anyway. Basically, what rattledlove said.

So, I prefer to keep things as it is, keeping plant-based diet and feeling a bit bad about my inability to make things clear and uncontradictory for myself.


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Eurocentric is making theories about past, present and future socio-economic changes based on solely on european history. I don't disagree that dominative capitalist countries seek and do control of "less developed" nations, just pointed out that marxist theory fails in its view on formations changes from the point of, for example, indigenous Australian


Bezotcovschina wrote

I think Marxist view on history and socio-economic formations are very dogmatic and eurocentric. If you take a wider view you'll see that things are not that clear. Sure, if we talk about dominating force in the world, then maybe. But still, Marxism is not a science, no matter what marxists tell you, it can't be used to predict an outcome, just observations of the past (and present in the case of Marx himself) and, honestly, unprovable and unfalsified extrapolations.

I don't know how (or if) communism will overthrew capitalism as a dominating force, but I'm certain in that I won't tolerate any dominating force over myself. A revolution, as a radical change of socio-economic relations for the whole society, must have means to impose those changes, creating power structures, making it not desirable from my anarchist perspective. No matter how hard you fantasize about it, you are unable to come up with a realistic view of power-less structure-less mass society. So, for me, it's natural to discard the whole idea of eventually reaching it