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Either army or prison or broken arm/leg (not the worst variant) or leave the country

I heard it's still possible to leave the country. You are allowed to leave unless you are called on, as reported at the moment. Wife insisted that I buy tickets out, and I've managed to grab one while there were available, so will see. Maybe no assaulting officers for me yet


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I kinda wish her to live forever only because I'm not sure I'm ready for amounts of cringe content I'll be exposed to when she dies. I'm still recovering from Gorby's death


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Yeah, I'm suffering from huge impostor syndrome calling myself vegan, because of constant torrent of "Am I doing enough?" thoughts. And what even is enough? Maybe, the same story as with anarchy, there is no such thing as being vegan but only an aspiration? I always could do more to fight specieism and human-centrism and it never will be enough. Maybe, consciousness about that is a key?

I'm married to a non-vegan. I love them nevertheless and the last thing I want to do is forcing them (or anyone, really) to adopt my way of living. Probably, it's because me myself don't feel that I'm some kind of stainless paragon (see above). I do compromise on things. So do anyone. The way, I chosen is chosen on pure egoistical basis of achieving inner peace and consistency for views. I don't know where to draw a line on things one willing to compromise with, so I'll avoid telling others where they should draw it.


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I used to want to be a leader of assassins death cult. A remote training camp where I bring orphans to indoctrinate them and train harshly and then send them to kill people I don't like. Mua-haha! With classic final exams where you have to kill your best friend and all that sick shit. A lot of morbid rituals, but with a sense of nihilistic humor and creativity to them, to imprint the right mood.


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Reply to comment by tubers in friday freetalk friday edition by tuesday

Planning to visit my mother in couple of months. Actually, it's always a pleasure - she don't like meaningless bullshit like going out for the sake of it. We usually just sit at her flat, chatting and me petting her dog. It's very relaxing to leave worries of my home for a time.

Then I'm planning to visit my sister and that gonna be the opposite. I believe she already prepared a ridiculously busy schedule where we should go, what places to see. I'm already feeling exhausted. And no pets, but a husband.

Edit: And, as for my dietary preferences - my family was surprisingly acceptive and mindful about that. I was worried at the beginning, but no, they almost passionately are trying to not discomfort me in that regard. Seems I'm a lucky one