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I live above. But we already have no snow for two weeks. I'm only starting getting into urban gardening, but people grow all kind of vegetables there. Bell-pepper, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, zucchini, and more. Potatoes, of course, beetroot, radish, onion. Someone managed to grow corn, even. Greenhouses are used only for cucumbers, I believe. I have no idea about growing mushrooms.


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Honestly, somewhat important. I'm of a native siberian descent and my family tracks their ancestry to a mildly famous and important person for our people. It's silly, I know, and I'm trying to distant myself from this, but still, it's there


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Violence not equal state

Law and violence always equal state

When you delegate the choice of punishment for "misbehavior" to any third party - you are creating a state and classes