Beatnik wrote (edited )

Hey comrades! I’m a member of the dev team over at ChapoChat and also one of the site’s admins. Looks like BioWarfarePosadist already helped clarify this post was from a troll.

Just want to reaffirm I think raddle is cool and that we don’t encourage this kind of weird sectarianism on our site. Having tendency focused sites like Raddle for Anarchism and Lemmygrad for MLs serves an important purpose and I totally respect that. The more leftist software projects we have out there the better tbh.

Our goal with ChapoChat is to have a multi-tendency space online. It’s def ML-heavy right now, but we have a dedicated Anarchist community for folks that want to hang there and our mod/dev teams has a wide range of different tendencies.

Fun fact: I’m currently stuck as a mod on that Anarchism comm due to a bug we’re working on, so I’ve gotten to read more Anarchist content than I would have otherwise which has actually been cool.

I’ll cross post a link to this on ChapoChat from my account to prove it’s me and not a griefer since we’ve been having trouble with that.

Edit: here’s that comment, heads up that there’s probably some dunking on Raddle elsewhere in there. I maintain my position that y’all dope.

Anyway, solidarity and feel to reach out. I don’t check this account too often because I’ve got my hands full with Chapo, but the door is always open for ya on our site as well. Hoping we can have a positive vibes between our communities.