Bbutton wrote

Someone in my town stole a $800 coffee maker.. I mean I wouldn't feel that bad about a bag of food. Also the nerves is something that happened after my first time lifting and I was honestly do paranoid about every noise. Avoid the store for a few months and realize if they haven't come knocking they probably won't. Take a few deep breaths and maybe reconsider hauls in the future


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Make up is always on the hitlist

Lipsticks and palettes

I don't conceal unless I have to in order to walk out without being sus. I just put things in a basket right until I find a blindspot then conceal and leave asap


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I only got followed back in my concealment days. Since walkouts I've yet to be followed. I even got caught while trying to conceal once. Lp threatened me so I ditched the items and left and never went back lol