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I mean sure, Vault-Tec "saved" humanity but only because capitalism created a set of crises so bad that humanity needed "saving"

Also, Vault-Tec was trying to conduct experiments on the vault dwellers and was pretty closely linked the the Enclave, who were literal fascists and wanted to kill anyone they deemed "unpure," so I'm not sure that "save" is the right word to use in the first place


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So many of my friends are libs. I said that I don't like veterans and they told me that I should dislike the system not the people exploited by it. That's a valid criticism for most systems, but in the military they chose to go to other parts of the world and kill people. There are other options.


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I do too. all the posts against him seem to be from one person, probably some brocialist or someone Ziq had to ban.


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Got a Valentine from the person I like, and gave them a valentine too. Valentine's day is a really cute holiday but I really wish that it weren't so corporate. It just feels forced and you can't really not do it.


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I don't think it is illegal. the worst that happens is they turn you away, I highly doubt it would be worth the effort to charge someone for this. I would just be careful with how much you do it, the rare worker that actually thinks a company is good for them might recognize you if you do stuff like birthday rewards too much, if it's a physical store, but other than that I think you'd be fine


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I'm Gen Z and like everyone I know is stressed out by politics. I think it's because our generation is the first where not just in certain countries or areas, but the whole world could be irreparably destroyed by people and politicians being stupid, and we realize that and are freaking the fuck out because most of us can't vote and are watching the world get destroyed before us with very little we can do except for protests that are ignored by those in power.