Badabingbadabounce wrote

Willso...I just walk in if no-one at front checkout notices me I head straight for the 1000 dollar 8 pot pan set....or a 400 kitchen aid blender and proceed to register. I then say I need to return this go sms hand them old willso receipt and play the role off dumb silly me I got the wrong receipt I'll be back....walk out front door


Badabingbadabounce wrote

Home Depot & Lowe's i go up to garden side first before I even go in store and look for a woman cashier ask her if I can do returns for let's say a Dyson v11 vacuum here. Knowing I can't she tells me inside onto, so then I walk around to front of store go in and find said vacuum then walk back thru garden section and tell her swap or return was 90% of time .....sometimes they will be like let me check receipt and I'll be like umm don't have it and keep walking or I drop what it is and tell then in my car let ne gi get it then leave.


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Not sure if I want to start posting on here bc of wandering lossprevention eyes however.... Chainsaws Dyson vacuums I've bagged the v11 animal at 650 a pop over 10 times in my surrounding areas usually no sensor.... Weedeaters.... Bosch hammer drill.,... Generators like 1100 a piece..... The creme de le creme is the migtig welders... 1500 tag w0oooop