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I know for a fact that at my local Microcenter the cameras aren't actively monitored.

If you're going to try, it's a good idea to take the item into the section with all the bookbags and carrying cases.

Normally it's a mess in that aisle and you can easily be slick and conceal what you need.

I've done MC before but in retrospect I shouldn't have because MC is actually a cool store to have near you.


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Lurkerz1 nailed it. GTFO when you can. It doesn't matter if Jesus Christ came off the cross and told you to "not run"; you run.

It also helps if you've been made to drop what you have. In my experience I've seen LP's stop chasing because they've "recovered" the merchandise.

But like Lurkerz1 said NEVER go back with them. If you do, there's a 100% you'll be caught. However if you haul ass the odds even themselves out a bit.


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Ha yeah I didn't word that perfectly, but you still got the jist.

Was curious about what level of communication exists.

If you have LP 1 watching the cameras and LP 2 and LP 3 walking the floor, does LP 2 and LP 3 have communication with each other? Or is LP 1 relaying info down to LP 2 and LP 3?

I've never noticed an earpiece or comm devices before.

Maybe I need to look harder.


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Around my way they leave a lot out at night.

So if you need some nice potted plants or duraflame logs, it's like christmas.

But getting locked up for a few months because you stole $501 worth of philodendrons isn't a good look when talking to your cellmates.


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I agree. Now I'll admit I've never done anything of that magnitude, however I've done the whole "there's no way that guy just walked out the front door with X, right?"

I'd be more comfortable attempting the above during a busy time instead of 4am.

But's it's not worth it long term.

My hat's off for the big balls they must have had.


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Yeah I've had a couple of hooks along with the S3's

I'm going to keep my eye out for the golf detachers unless someone here knows something I don't.


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Yes I've had 7 S3's through my short career.

Just go into the garden section at walmart overnight and have fun.

I've dumped a few S3's when I've gotten spooked. I rely a lot on my gut feelings, and sometimes I'll just dump the key just incase.

Def not worth catching a burglary charge over a shoplifting one over a key.

One time I was sure they were on to me so I took one and flung it as far as I could over the metal gates out back. And the son of a bitch hit the fence and stuck to it.

But getting back on topic, yeah I've just never seen a golf detacher. I'm going to assume it's attached with a lanyard. Only place I can think of that MIGHT have it is Rite Aid. Maybe BB&B since they use EAS and not Alpha ones.


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I always wondered this too.

Some of the lawn mowers are $3k and held together with a cable lock that would take 3 seconds to cut.

I'm sure the local PD patrols and the overnight security somewhat help, by why ISN'T more stuff taken?

If you had enough time you could take the freakin' sheds too.


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Yeah man don't do that.

And you're in High School. Focus on lifting skirts and shoplift somewhere else ;)


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Thinking rotating different types of widgets takes care of the pattern issue.

When planning which of these scenarios does everyone think is better?

For example:

I'll be an hour away from home and I have time to go to 5 stores.

Should it be STORE ABC, STORE ABC, STORE ABC, STORE ABC and STORE ABC in 5 different locations in a row...


I'm just working out the variables and being safe.


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Good advice so far.

I see the advantages/disadvantages with both.

Trying to find the correct balance between being on video walking into five stores versus the one.

Don't want a single store possibly sharing information with their sister sites and me strolling on in for more widgets.

I find myself debating it all the time while researching where to go next.