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For something to be justified, there has to be someone to justify it too. Who is that and do we really care about their opinion.

Ex: A Pig witnesses a altercation between a fash and a decent human being. To him the fash is justified and the decent person isn't even thought they both punched the other once.

They can do this because they are the authority to whom the violence has to be justified.


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In my region in particular there is very little participation by the local population. Most assemblies/organizations are started by international/foreign parties. Locals not see them as legitimate and don't try to participate.

An example would be a friend of mine from the US and local nonprofit tried to set up a meeting with teachers and people from the Ministry of Education. The intention was to improve English education with a focus on education economically vulnerable people. None of the teachers who were invited showed up and the ministry sent a single secretary. In the few occasions where a meeting is set up there are only a few speeches made in broken english or broken other language. And then the different groups go to their own corners.

Something that is very apparent is that the willingness to learn a new language is greater in groups that are not dominant. The majority group is much less likely to know the other languages that members of the various minorities.


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It's easy to use unlike Slack, it has better voice chat than Skype, a lot of young people already use it because of games. It's free. There are other reasons probably but this is mostly it.


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Local financial magazines mostly. They are generally non-partisan when it comes to local politics so it's the most accurate news source available. It helps that my uni has the current issues available in the lobby so I don't ever have to pay for it :P