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What’s missing from this debate is the large number of latinx who are FOR the wall. Illegal immigrants do serious damage to the latinx community, especially in border towns. A large number of border security and ICE agents are latinx for a reason: because they want to protect their communities. But the democrats and liberals like to paint all brown-skinned people as against immigration control and for open borders. Absolute garbage!


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I’ve yet to hear a coherent argument for either having no wall or destroying all borders. In the case of the USA, the crime and poverty of central and South America, along with the predicted chaos that climate change will bring, creates a clear and present danger for the country and they have every right to confront that threat.


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I grew up extremely poor and far-left. But I worked my ass off, put myself through school and now make 6 figures. It wasn’t easy but was worth it. Now I’m considered bourgeoisie and hated by the losers I went to school with, the same ones who didn’t study and chose a life of poverty and crime. I’ll never be right-wing but I see clearly how much of socialism caters to these lazy losers so I no longer identify as left-wing.

Anyway, some people literally choose a life of poverty. Some choose to break free. Don’t hate people because they succeeded!