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You are what you do. Research on how jobs effect you as a person. I don't know what the study was called but it had resulted in having people pretend to be prison guards and prisoners to actually change their personalities and who they are as people. It got so bad they had to end the study early.

that'd be the stanford prison experiment :)

cool essay

honestly don't actually understand what the meme is saying myself though lol

on a sidenote i really like the new background here, looks cool...not as much the white bar though


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they added more even

Zhengxu Wang of Fudan University in Shanghai wrote in a report in 2007: "It is clear that public support for democracy is high in China. Public opinion surveys show that more than 90% of Chinese citizens believe that having a democracy is good. But the majority is not yet ready for a major effort towards democratization because they still see economic growth and social stability as more important than freedom of speech, political participation, and other democratic rights."[4]

tbf the original edit also kinda sucks but it's better than literal propaganda lol

edit: just realized there's also already a section on public support of democracy! they didn't even read the table of contents to the article before adding that!


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I made the wrong decision of adding more juice (ended up being like 40-60ml of liquid total), thinking she would drink it if I diluted it more.

always the dilemma lol

you sound like a really good parent


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maybe the platforms need to be razed

really does. i think twitter purposefully encourages this stuff to get more engagement. most evident with the 140 character limit encouraging quick insults and condensed thoughts rather than actual discussion, and the algorithm that purposefully shows you stuff to make you angry


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i have a sudden and strong desire to learn electronics but i have absolutely 0 idea how to start lol
anyone here have an idea?

on another note i'm trying to get into dwarf fortress, such a steep learning curve! i installed a graphics mod tho i'd prefer to play vanilla just because it was so overwhelming...i really like it though, it's called wanderlust


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Took a bit of a break here, week went by fast...been able able wake up in time every day this week which I'm happy about

Going to get crepes :D