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I was planning on lifting some Calvin Klein underwear from a department store. I was in the change rooms and I decided against taking the 4 pairs i wanted, only took 1 and hid them folded up in my own underwear and just left the other items in the change rooms. As I left the change room an LP officer went into the room I was in, and I just calmly walked to the exit. Before I got there the store manager and another LP officer physically blocked me from leaving and demanded that I empty my bag (I had just finished work and it had my uniform and other personal items in it. I complied because fuck them, they won't find shit, and can have a bad stop and get in shit. After I emptied my bag and they couldn't find anything they called the police and told them that they were certain I was hiding merchandise on my person. Skip forward 10 minutes, the police come and I tell them I'd be happy to go to a private area and take off my shirt/pants to prove I wasn't hiding anything. Sure enough, they didn't find anything. I was let go, no apology made.

It really scared me at how reckless I was. I am currently at uni, and the field I'm going into requires a clean history. So you can understand how much this could have affected me.


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Always trust your gut. If it doesn't feel 100% right, drop anything you've got and GTFO. Your intuition is normally right, and you really don't want to be caught.

Also, avoid lifting from the same store often. Try to leave at least a week or two between small lifts, and several months between larger ones.


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Lots of questions, but here we go.

1- I would arguably try to stay away from malls unless you are experienced. They not only have store specific LP, but also mall security. If you get banned from one store you will most likely get banned from the entire mall.

2- They will either tell you that the ban is like a year, or life. Just wait several months and they'll probably forget your face.

3- Is this as a couple to lift? Or a couple after the ban? If it's to lift, then sure. If it's after the ban, make sure they know that you've been banned for lifting or that could make some real shitty situations.

4- I answered this on a previous comment of yours.

5- Can't help you here, not from the US.


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Sounds like you'll get caught tbh. This isn't a great plan, as you need to spend too much time in the store, especially after going to electronics. Trying to take so much so early on without any experience is how newbies get caught. Start small, maybe some clothes or candy bars and work your way up.


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The black tags at Myer aren't ink tags, the will set off the towers. Some items have hidden tags sewn into them, depends on the brand.

Buy one online.