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From the pan into the fire, I guess. Give it a few days, and users will probably have to supply Reddit with a phone number, ID, a deposit, and nude pictures of themselves in order to post.

If nothing else, them preemptively stating this will only apply to selected countries probably means EU privacy watchdogs would have a field day over this.


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Big Dental in shambles! /jk

Takahashi hopes the new medicine could be just another option for those who don’t have a full set of teeth.

The experimental use for children suffering from a lack of teeth due to genetic disorders is interesting, to be sure. But getting those newly growing teeth to play nice with any pre-existing teeth in the jaws of regular kids (let alone adults) seems like a problem an issue.

As a second potential issue: Would such a drug only induce the growth of new teeth in otherwise empty sockets, or might it have side effect (i.e. inducing further growth) of other teeth already present?


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These kind of make her look like a younger sister to Patchouli. Which is kind of ironic, given Patchouli herself only wears glasses in fanworks.


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I certainly didn't see that coming. As the article itself points out, Kamiya co-founded platinum - it's not like he was stuck in a position like, say, Kojima before the latter left (and/or was bullied out of) Konami.

It'll be interesting to see where he ends up. At least with his online personality, it's difficult to imagine he might run with a classical development studio or publisher that's chiefly run by suit monkeys.