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i am not much of an ice-breaker but i will give it a shot anyway. so uh school sucks amirite even when they teach stuff i am interested in they manage to fucking ruin it, i am now convinced that i will hate being around computers once i am done with this course.


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ok wow i am actually glad that i havent discussed this stuff ever with my parents, for the first time i am actually grateful about the taboo around sex here, phew dodged a lot of trauma that way.


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as opposed to seeing the cool memes and anarchist badges and thinking: 'hell yeah, that's the type of edgy shit I want to be identified with.'

just saw your point get proven minutes ago, some vooter was sooo mad about their temp ban (for harm reduction bs btw) they called me the fucking r-slur in mod-mail, anarchism is just an aesthetic to these people.


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tfw you never had to deal with either abstinence or anti-masturbation shit because your culture is conservative as fuck and punishes women and gender minorities for speaking out against it. we didnt even get the most basic of sex-ed (because who wants to talk about changing bodies and the challenges that come with it, here memorize these dates of some battle from the fucking 15th century) and i would say i went to a decent middle-class school.

i am allowed to overshare here right?