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Lying. For all my professed hatred of “spin-doctors,” I can be a very convincing one myself. I often feel that I need to thoroughly eradicate this trait, although at this point I might have a fairly difficult time stamping it out.


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Family reunions for me tend to follow this format—

Mom: (out of nowhere) Obama was a better president

Grandfather: no, reagan was

(massive argument ensues while I sit glowering in a corner and muttering about bourgeois democracy)


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First of all—having just gotten back on the site after a short hiatus—I’d just like to say: Holy shit...

Second off, I wholly concur with your suggestions near the end. I’d honestly be more worried about the site if nobody actually had proposed anything yet.


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It wasn't even that big of a deal until you blew it out of the water by banning him for it, a fact that you have come up with two explanations for and alternate between at any given moment. You've also acted extremely immature, which hasn't exactly been helping your case (since when anyone disagrees with you your response is either "this is brigading just like PK" or "so if I stirred shit up on a Maoist /f/ i wouldn't be banned," neither of which make any cohesive sense when related to the argument in question). At this point, you're being ridiculously petty, and an all-around defensive asshole to just about everyone here. I suggest you turn your computer off for a day or so, and listen to some classical music or something, because your temper is the only thing setting everyone else off.


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Well, when he contested it, you promptly banned him.

”If you don't like it you are welcome to leave, or you can try to ruin the place like they currently are and get banned. Ill leave the choice to you” Those are your words exactly. He mentioned democracy on Raddle in response, and you said:

”Im threatening to ban you because you are shittingbthr place up. So if you want to keep doing that and causing drama go ahead but you are going to get banned” You basically banned him for contesting the rules, which isn’t exactly the point of letting people express their opinions. If anything, that’s what a bourgie would do.


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I wholeheartedly vote no.

Was going to explain in edit, but someone basically wrote my thoughts already:

If they should like to exclude ML/MLMs, they must implement such a rule by democratic vote. At the very least, sudo’s banning was an abuse of power.


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Well, here goes:

  1. (More of an annoyance, but eh) People thinking that Chinese uses an alphabet.

  2. Film vs. Digital (You can’t beat celluloid)

  3. The restoration of old mechanical objects and their accessories to working order

  4. Organizing documents by date down to the minute they were created, in their date-appropriate folders and sub-folders

  5. Helping my north American fellows pronounce other languages correctly, even if I only really know the phonetics of the language in question

  6. Spelling/writing reform for the English language

  7. The art of using the aforementioned old mechanical objects and accessories (e.g. typewriters, still film cameras, motion picture film cameras & projectors, phonographs, etc.)

  8. Pissing off my school administrators by putting an IWW sticker in a bathroom stall every day of the week