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I've been silently trans this whole time, but that's probably mostly due to burnout from my time on reddit. I'm overly cautious about opening up in that regard, but I haven't really seen anything here to make me feel unwelcome here (at least, anything that didn't come from a random troll.)


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Watching the rain as it slowly erodes the streets and buildings. It's not making much progress, but I admire its persistence.


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But comrade, once we establish anarchy there won't be any exploitation, pollution, ecocide, or disagreements! We'll just vote on it and I'm sure plenty of people who aren't me will come to build it, and everyone who lives along the new tracks will love it. As for sourcing materials and tools... idk, that sounds like capitalist shit so we probably won't need to worry about it


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"Keen on speaking in the midst of the assembly,
wishing for praise, one becomes anxious.
If their assertion is rejected, one feels humiliated.
Upset by blame, one seeks a flaw in their opponent.

"If they say their assertion is defective,
and the judges consider it rejected,
the loser laments and sorrows,
they moan: 'They surpassed me.'

"These disputes have arisen among ascetics;
in relation to them, one becomes elated and dejected.
Having seen this, too, one should desist from arguments,
for there is no other benefit than praise and gain.

"If, however, one is praised there,
having declared his doctrine in the midst of the assembly,
one is thrilled by this and swells with pride,
having obtained the benefit that accords with one's wish.

"Though one's pride is the ground of distress, one yet speaks from conceit and arrogance.
Having seen this, too, one should not dispute;
for the skilled say this does not bring purity."