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Just based on that one page, it seems ok but a bit basic.
A bit unclear to me why they need to call this satanism and how this really relates to the abrahamic faiths and their texts (again, just based on that page).

So far as critique goes, it gives me the sense that it would be susceptible to scientism, and the right-wing tendencies of new atheism.

And it also gives me a sense of resentment built upon resentment.


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That said, not only have Democrats not actually run on an explicitly anti-fascist agenda or explained how they would suppress the current fascist insurgency, they have actively promoted fascism overseas. In the Ukraine the US under Obama sponsored neo-Nazi parties that now dominate the government there. Fascists are actually in state power thanks to a Democrat.

The same is true for the Islamist extremists he backed in Syria, as well as the reactionary coup regime he backed in Guatemala. Yes, Trump’s footsie with domestic Nazis is outrageous and wrong, but outsourcing the fascist problem to other countries and calling yourself pure is a means of protecting your own neck at someone else’s expense. It’s not harm reduction, it’s harm redistribution away from the imperial center and towards people we’ve already screwed over.


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The idea that trans women are not women just by indentification and that they only are when society treats them like one is what is killing me in this piece

assimilationist trash


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For lack of a better word, this comes off a bit conspiracy-y and reads like it was written by a capitalist

I think that's also because it has only individual solutions, with no noticeable concern for solidarity or mutual aid


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I generally avoid even dumpster meat out of habit so this seems unlikely

technological 'solutions' will likely maintain the underlying dispositions that make meat-eating unethical

I'd rather work towards a world where we recognise a fundamental underlying kinship with all things, and I don't see that happening if we take this direction, only more alienation from the world that we affect and that affects us


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Depends where you are in the world, they're still up to shenanigans

I'm reminded of this occasion

I think most of the anarchists doing this kind of work aren't so interested in building mass movements or making propaganda, so it's not publicised

I think last time it was big there was a corresponding state repression that made it seem not worthwhile, but I'm not familiar with the actual arguments being made at the time


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Are any of you optimists about the future?

The whole oppressive feeling of powerlessness that this social organization cultivates in everyone is only an immense pedagogy of waiting. It’s an avoidance of now. But there isn’t, there’s never been, and there never will be anything but now. The current disaster is like a monstrous accumulation of all the deferrals of the past, to which are added those of each day and each moment, in a continuous time slide. But life is always decided now, and now, and now.

Everyone can see that this civilization is like a train rolling toward the abyss, and picking up speed. The faster it goes, the more one hears the hysterical cheers of the boozers in the discotheque car. You have to listen carefully to make out the paralyzed silence of the rational minds that no longer understand anything, that of the worriers who bite their nails, and the accent of false calm in the exclamations of the card players who wait. Inwardly, many people have chosen to leap off the train, but they hesitate on the footboard. They’re still restrained by so many things. They feel held back because they’ve made the choice, but the decision is lacking. Decision is what traces in the present the manner and possibility of acting, of making a leap that is not into the void. We mean the decision to desert, to desert the ranks, to organize, to undertake a secession, be it imperceptibly, but in any case, now. The epoch belongs to the determined.

Do you think the world could be okay someday?

There is no global future.

If so, why? I'm really wanting something to believe in.

Find others who can't stand the same things you can't stand. Make the moves you need to towards liberating your bioregion. Take advantage of the anarchy to make anarchy. There's joy and kindness and solidarity to be found in the now.


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I independently came up with the term reverse racism in high school and middle school

where's f/iamverysmart when you need it

Is this the opposite of beetlejuicing?

doing even a smidgeon of decent reading on race and you'll know how shitty what you just said is

I'm not going to do all the work for you (since you're talking about being an immigrant and I won't), but here's an example of a basic article around class

Explaining White Privilege to a broke white person