Ant wrote

When anarchists are being jailed I'm busy organising for them to get out

Generally I'm going as hard as I can, but if a significant figure of resistance is detained, there will be stronger broad support to follow

we have to roll with the punches, have strong prisoner support, and where we can, overwhelm police stations until they release our people before they are sent to prison


Ant wrote

For who? Communists?

The handful of top people arrested among mass arrest are probably nothing to the vast majority of strikers

insofar as they are anything, the arrests of those people would just make strikers strike harder

that said, they are falling for communism weakness #73: hierarchical movements can always get their heads cut off


Ant wrote (edited )

I would rather shut down fascists than worry about all the alienating I'm doing

everything about me is alienating to the average person; this is why I live for revolt
it is impossible not to alienate people as a radical

if we rub the genitals of respectability politics we will turn into our own police

finally, if all you're doing is antifa stuff then maybe this applies, but most antifa are working on other projects, unmasked, building community.
you can do all the things