Ant OP wrote

"Why on earth did these dear children shoot Montanelli in the legs? Wouldn’t it have been better to have shot him in the mouth?

Of course it would. But it would also have been heavier. More vindictive and sombre. To lame a beast like that can have a deeper, more meaningful side to it that goes beyond revenge, beyond punishing him for his responsibility—fascist journalist and bosses’ lackey that he is.

To lame him forces him to limp, makes him remember. Moreover, laming is a more agreeable pastime than shooting in the mouth with pieces of brain squirting out through the eyes.

The comrade who sets off in the fog every morning and walks into the stifling atmosphere of the factory, or the office, only to see the same faces: the foreman, the timekeeper, the spy of the moment, the Stakhanovite-with-seven-children-to-support, feels the need for revolution, the struggle and the physical clash, even a mortal one. But he also wants to bring himself some joy now, right away. And he nurtures this joy in his fantasies as he walks along head down in the fog, spends hours on trains or trams, suffocates in the pointless goings on of the office or amidst the useless bolts that serve to hold the useless mechanisms of capital together."

Armed Joy (text and meme collection)



Reply to Armed Joy by Ant

Ant OP wrote (edited )

Hurry comrade, shoot the policeman, the judge, the boss. Now, before a new police prevent you.

Hurry to say No, before the new repression convinces you that saying no is pointless, mad, and that you should accept the hospitality of the mental asylum.

Hurry to attack capital before a new ideology makes it sacred to you.

Hurry to refuse work before some new sophist tells you yet again that ‘work makes you free’.

Hurry to play. Hurry to arm yourself.



Ant wrote

according to this, real men:

  • are flat and small and don't move.
  • look like they are speaking but they are silent
  • wear clothing reminiscent of japanese school boys

it takes a lot for me to not really want to try out a gender at least once but I think you've cracked the code


Ant wrote

Just to be clear, you've just in one fell swoop basically looked down on anarchists, treating them like unruly children in need of education, and literally threatened them with "decisive action" (usually in the case of you disgusting people is death or gulag), but my response to your horrible engagment, which points to the marxist's failure to understand that means produce ends and therefore that the personal is political, is the one that is abusive?

fackoff stankie