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not too many pittsburghers around here

I don't even know where it is

it's often easier to do intro posts in f/lobby and say some things about yourself to give people something to work with


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different parts of the commune should regularly have to prevent other parts from emerging as ruler,

through a range of possible strategies that reduce legitimacy or material advantage, (e,g, potlatch, murder, war, mockery, witchcraft)

which become normalised as culture within the society

and ultimately become the basis of a whole cosmology, with sets of myths which promote permanent undermining of emergent dominating powers


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Reply to On deplatforming by mango

I could use more info about what deplatforming is.

Is it banning someone from raddle?
Is it knocking a priest from a pulpit?
Preventing a fascist from presenting at an event in person?
Preventing a fascist from presenting at an event online?
Is it deserting a political project?