Ant wrote

according to this, real men:

  • are flat and small and don't move.
  • look like they are speaking but they are silent
  • wear clothing reminiscent of japanese school boys

it takes a lot for me to not really want to try out a gender at least once but I think you've cracked the code


Ant wrote

Just to be clear, you've just in one fell swoop basically looked down on anarchists, treating them like unruly children in need of education, and literally threatened them with "decisive action" (usually in the case of you disgusting people is death or gulag), but my response to your horrible engagment, which points to the marxist's failure to understand that means produce ends and therefore that the personal is political, is the one that is abusive?

fackoff stankie


Ant wrote (edited )

If the anarchists who are not yet educated are standing in the way of the revolution, then they unfortunately need to be dealt with decisively.

didn't take long

"left unity means anarchists must get in line"

and you sincerely ask why we think your politics are garbage

nobody thinks anarcho-capitalists exist around here, you just know so little about anarchism and leftism that you think that's what pop was saying

at what stage does your completely unfounded confidence and your ideological blinkering get undermined by people repeatedly pointing out that you don't know what you're talking about


Ant OP wrote

By deferring their social revolution until after getting power they never really have to do socialism and can look just like liberals, campaigning, advocating, making policy.

insofar as they aren't doing that, insofar as their ethic is direct action, they're anarchic anyway

like autonomous marxists who are just red anarchists who are afraid of calling a spade a spade