AngryData wrote (edited )

For me growing up poor meant we had to repair shit out of necessity. I learned a great deal and now I fix all sorts of shit along with learn what is good construction and mechanics. These days I fix everything, and in some cases fabricate my own shit if the consumer trash available isn't reliable enough and/or not good enough quality. Honestly I think we would all be better off if tools and workshops were more common along with teaching the skills needed to use them. I can't even count the number of times something breaks that can be easily fixed with 15 minutes in the shop instead of trashing it and buying new. Things like bearings and bushings are made with a finite lifespan, they do wear, break, and fail, but unless you have a lathe they are near impossible to fix without it being designed for service and replacement.

Buy a lathe, get some hand tools, fix your shit. It's cheaper, its educational, and it is a huge bonus for the environment.