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The research analysed 39 peer reviewed papers, carbon calculators, and government reports to calculate the potential of a range of individual lifestyle choices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This comprehensive analysis identifies the actions individuals could take that will have the greatest impact on reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

Its something but I want how much of an impact these make in terms of scale. How many people have to cut down on carbon emission to make an impact. How much do they have to cut back?


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I can't really define Anarchy as separate from Anarchism without using the dictionary definition of Anarchy = chaos. I think of Anarchism as more of the ideology it's self while Anarchy is a state or condition.


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Sort by new then rank by most commented.Then remove votes on posts. That way everything is mostly in chronological order but the posts that have the most discourse are favored. This should make finding posts easy but we'll have to learn to ignore trolls to avoid pushing them to the top. Keep votes on comments.