Anarcropolis wrote

I realized this when I went on one of those volunteer trips. We were just doing what locals could have been paid to do, instead there are jobless people more skilled than a bunch of highschoolers taking that opportunity away.

There were these food donations given to poor sugar factory workers who couldn't afford to feed their families. They became dependent on the donations because they were locked into their location by the sugar industry (they own essentially everything in that town) and could basically never leave their low paying jobs. Things would have been much better if they were unionized or were given some kind of option other than sugar farming for pennies a day.


Anarcropolis wrote

I think voting especially on local levels can be a form of defense. It influences how the state interacts with you and blocking harmful laws can be effective. It's not a solution to anything by any means but a form of harm reduction.

Like if there was a vote to increase police militarization it is in my best interest to vote against it. I'm not gonna end the police state but the cops might not get armored cars.