Anarchopizza wrote

like, yeah i get it, ACAB, but i'm not sure the police have the same goals in mind when they shoot our pets as the Gestapo do when they forced people to hand them over. i thought the reason they shot them was because the received very minimal training to use their weapons so they get very "twitchy" with them.(which is still completely unacceptable). Also are the cops confiscating peoples pets on mass? if they are, can someone please let me know because that is fucked up.


Anarchopizza wrote

i have mixed feelings about this. on one hand, the university shouldn't have done this, and it seems as though the actual content of the issue was educational in nature regarding the topic. but i feel a bit weirded out by the cover but i'm fairly certain that was their intention and i can't fault them for that. so props to them. i am a bit impressed that the guardian was allowed to put the uncensored version of the image on the article, even if it was almost all the way down the bottom with a tool tip obscuring part of the text.