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I guess it's been a social cultural referent for women being house slaves. Kinda odd to be finding that stylish, like hipsters are. This is some brutal conservative culture.


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Nice copypasta, bruh! Yet still no evidence to back up this BadBIOS conspiracy theory.

So China good, US bad. Social credit system and massive surveillance tech ain't no big deal in China... it's all against them Western agents and Uyghur terrorists. /s

Btw I ran an ultrasound detector on my laptop, and it couldn't detect anything of interest...


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To me, sexual prefenrence is like people liking parsley and those not standing it, or people preferring to walk, over biking or skating. I ain't significantly different... just that it's about an aspect of life (sexual intercourse, and related desires/preferences) that is still morally being swept under the rug.

But it's part of someone's traits, personality, but not all that makes them appreciable as a person. I refuse to see this as a kind of central identity value. You're gay or bi? You're straight? That's not very important.. neither very defining of your quality as a person.

Yet society keeps making it a central identitarian matter, which ain't quite right... "Society" should instead start to come clean with its repression of sexuality in the first place.


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Depends how you define the mainstream media. Of course, there's the dinosaur media of big TV outlets... But what these internet outlets above have become totally is "mainstream media", in how these are the tech mediations being used massively. These are big businesses doing a lot more money these days than outlets like NYT or Faux News.


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TOS never pretended being masterpieces. I mean Spock was fucking using a repurposed cheap plastic cup as the mic on his communications board...

Everything is clunky and sometimes dumb, but that's what made it a classic. And at least it didn't too itself too seriously as these more recent productions. It's like the Borg in TNG... they look ridiculous. Even at that, they managed to turn them into pretty scary villains. Q was also a kind of comical relief, among many others, for a series gone rather austere and "rationalist" in tone.

Of course someone could say there's these aspects in the newer series, but super big chaotic space battles debris everywhere? Vulcans turned into ninja space elves? Sauron!? lol

They're just recycling tropes from other franchises/movies.


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Starts with the dramatic story of how an ugly monoculture is getting destroyed by feral pigs... Then it keeps going downhill from there.

Oh the noooes. MORE cars by the millions, then kill millions of animals for "Climate Change"! /s