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I never once made a moral supposition. I'm just making a material analysis of our current situation. "Old" Is not an argument against it. In and of itself killing a cop does nothing but make you feel like a revolutionary. It doesn't, actually, do anything to better our lives. It's ultra-leftism. Maybe you should pick up those dusty old tomes at least once? && I don't even think it's bad I just don't see it, ultimately, as much more than a tool or a tactic to be used to spread propaganda and even then that is becoming increasingly ineffective.


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This is wrong. The instiutions are not held up by the efforts of individuals. The institutions are held up by a small oligarchic class of capitalists with infinite power and resources that shape and develop the minds of the masses; workers, from the cradle to the grave. These capitalists, themselves, are driven by materialistic forces which cause them to behave a certain way as much as any one else; profit. I am not saying that there is no individual agency what so ever, but, you are, again, missing the bigger picture here. There are social and economic/political factors for why people are they way they are && that is what we, as socialists, anarchists, communists, marxists, etc etc etc are seeking to change. By ballot or bullet, ultimately, is irrelevant.


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Lmfao, can we take a second to appreciate that CocaCola(TM) has the audacity to get up in arms about facebook hosting questionable material on its website, but, simultaneously being responsible for murdering union organizers in Columbia? Makes fucking sense right?