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There's several master lists and a wiki available. I've already done a 5 part series for new lifters, which looks like no one has bothered to read, also I'm not a moderator so why would I. Lol. No offense.


Amberzey wrote

It'd be different if there wasn't 500 threads devoted to these questions. Yeah I know, just scroll past, etc. Not the point. I took 3 hrs before my first post to look back on previous posts to make sure I wasn't being redundant. Although I don't usually have questions.


Amberzey wrote

I just got a lighter, bag of Doritos and a Starbucks drink. About to burn one and compile a list of places to hit tomorrow. Using Google to help me figure out the busiest times of said stores. I'll say that traffic is crazy in local stores since a lot of us were laid off or furloughed last week. Not even lifting for profit at this point. Just part of the manic/depressive side that needs to do something other than sit at home alone with my thoughts.