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There's 4 craft stores here for example. I'll do one per weekend, so it's always a good bit between visits. Also, if it feels weird, don't do it. That's how people get caught. I was going to lift work clothes at JCP yesterday. Glad I didn't, I walked out of the dressing room (didn't like the shirt I selected) and on the way out i saw more LP than I ever have before. They weren't acting weird towards me, just too many.


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I personally don't care if someone's haul is 50 cents or 5k. The way the system is set up, they deserve us taking from them. I've worked for all kinds of shitty companies from gas stations to fast food to check cashing and now, finally, in coding and billing. Even though I can absolutely afford not to lift and boost, I still do because fuck them.

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P.s. the fitting room attendants are crazy counters so lifting outright is next to impossible unless I'm stuffing the pockets, which I've done numerous times.


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I'm beyond excited. Even if it's just "light coat" weather I'd be able to get sooo much more. Our company gives us black Friday off, too, paid. So I absolutely cannot wait.