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I was under the impression there were now centralized servers that are needed to decrypt some 4k blurays and that if the servers disappear you're shit out of luck, just like there are with itunes media. I think it's optional and might not be in common use but I'm pretty sure I remember hearing that was one "feature" of AACS 2.


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Older relatives having power isn't the only reason children can't consent.

He also said he thought people not being ok with adults fucking children was a symptom of "clingy parents being afraid to let their children go" or something to that effect.

You don't have to defend every shitty thing someone does just because you agree with their philosophy on software licenses.


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He's made some awesome contributions to both software and culture, but I'm hesitant to celebrate him as a person in general.

  • He said he is "skeptical of the claim that voluntarily [sic] pedophilia harms children"
  • He said he "[doesn’t] think that any [women] volunteered to work on Emacs or GCC" when at least 4 major GCC contributors are women including the lead author of its documentation
  • He said of people with Down syndrome, "If you'd like to love and care for a pet that doesn't have normal human mental capacity, don't create a handicapped human being to be your pet. Get a dog or a parrot..."