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Nobody hates people for being part of a privileged group, they hate the oppression privileged groups as a whole are responsible for, and when members of those privileged groups cause oppressed groups harm it's incredibly frustrating. PoC who genuinely hate white people and non-men who genuinely hate men are about as common as gay people who genuinely hate straight people.

Being incredibly frustrated with someone while hating the oppression their kind is responsible for can sometimes feel a lot like hating them, so it's sometimes expressed that way. The ultimate solution to this is to end oppression, so keep working towards that.


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To be fair, they didn't say "anarchist" exactly, they said "crypto-anarchist", which as I understand it is generally considered to cover everything used to evade the state through cryptography, whether it's actual anarchism like accessing Raddle over Tor or laundering money from a child brothel with cryptocurrencies.

(To be clear, I don't endorse this usage because I don't want ancap shit associated with us, I just mean that it's a common usage and an easy mistake to make, like calling Gary Johnson supporters "libertarians").


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I was under the impression there were now centralized servers that are needed to decrypt some 4k blurays and that if the servers disappear you're shit out of luck, just like there are with itunes media. I think it's optional and might not be in common use but I'm pretty sure I remember hearing that was one "feature" of AACS 2.