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I pirate music, and usually buy it when I know my cash goes directly to the artist.

I pirate books because I like to have a shitton of books with me at all time. I know I can give them to anyone because it's data. And if something is really good, I'm not against buying it.

I pirate movies, because let's be honest, a lot of movies sucks, theatres are expensive, and why would i have to schedule myself to see something that will be available later in a more convinient way?

I pirate games, because I'm in retro-gaming and indies. I'd rather give cash to a bunch of small teams making great games, and spend time showing hidden retro gems to friends than spending time on the latest AAA game.


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I can't talk for the US, but I can for france. Here, pretty much every vape product is behind the counter and vape themselves well kept too. Lig]fting those could be possible, but the hit will have a tight timing, and it's probably something I would do in group, not alone.


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Awwww, you're too nice!

For zscript, you should head to the zddom wiki: and on the zdoom forum, where you can ask for some pointers and starters (

And for pixelart, you can find some resources online (duckduckgo "pixelart tutorial") and there's resources on the doom wiki too:

As always, go on zdoom forum, they're well accustomed to newcomers and can help you.


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Pretty much no one make mods for freedoom. But a lot of them are compatible with freeDOOM. Here a few I tried and approved:

Gameplay Mods :

  • Guncaster - You're a dragon, you have massive guns and spells.
  • Russian Overkill - A.k.a "How to kill everyone in 10km radius"
  • The Trailblazer - 80s-90 action movie hero stuck in doom
  • Death Foretold (D4T) - Doom 4 in Doom classic.
  • GMOTA (Get Medieval On Their Asses) - A sword, a grappling hook, a glove.
  • High Noon Drifter - The nameless/faceless wanderer is in town...
  • HXRTC Project - A new HUD and a bunch of new weapons and enemies.
  • Ghosted 2 - Slender in Doom, can be played in multiplayer.
  • La Tailor Girl - Clothes make you powerful!
  • Doom Roguelike Arsenal - Turn your doom in a gun galore and a RPG (may have a few bugs and quirks with freedoom.)
  • Reelism - Fight waves of...things...with random rules every rounds... Have fun!
  • Shades of Doom - Monster randomizer for the campaigns. With nice themes.
  • [EDIT] Project Brutality - V0.23, because someone will always ask if it work, it does. Here, go play your edgy mod.


  • Coffee Break Episode 1 - Small map, lot of enemies, doable in less than 5 minutes.
  • Cheogsh & Cheogsh 2 - Massive maps with a hellish feel to it.
  • Maps of Chaos - Remake of Doom 1 & 2 maps for multiplayers, they're a LOT bigger and feature WAY MORE monsters. Come in classic, hardcore and overkill flavour.
  • Deus Vult 1 & 2 - Well known slaughtermaps, quite difficult the first times.
  • HellGround - 7 beautiful maps, just play it.
  • Scythe 1 & 2 - Famous megawads, for their architectures and difficulty.
  • Ultimate Torment & Torture - The Supportive Edition work everywhere. Gothic catherdrals meet deep space stations, with hell army waiting for you.
  • Unloved - You are trapped in your own house. Wait... There's something wrong with this place. Heavily inspired by Silent Hill.
  • [EDIT] Diabolus Ex - A Deus Ex 3 inspired map. A bit short, but really well made. Make you want more.
  • [EDIT] Doom The Way ID Did - 1 and 2, remakes of doom 1 and 2 based on the doom bible and production documents.
  • [EDIT] Revenant Problem - Joke map, the trolley dilemma, but with a revenant.
  • [EDIT] The Quirky Domain - A mind boogling map where your automap will be useless. Total Conversions:
  • Pirates Doom - Ahoy me matey! Ye skallywags an landlubber ain't got nuffin on me booty.
  • Zombies Extreme Epidemic Edition - Survive hundreds of zombies, Romero style.
  • Blade of Agony - Part of the WolfenDoom serie, kill nazis, puch Hitler in the dick and save Europe.
  • Doom The Golden Souls - Mario 64, but in Doom. And with guns.
  • Skulldash Expanded Edition - Maps. Tokens on the maps. Countdown to your death. Collect tokens to open the exit. Kill everything in sight if needed. Ready? 3..2..1..RUN!
  • Castlevania Simon's Destiny - A mash up of Castlevania games, taking heavily from the first, in FPS form. Really enjoyable, and work stand-alone.
  • [EDIT] Romero Death Skittles - Bowling in doom, with Romero head.


  • Quake Champions Doom Edition (QCDE) - Yup... It's Quake Champions, in doom.
  • Crucified Dreams - A map pack who's compatible with freedoom, unlike AeonDM.
  • Who Dun It - A bunch of player, one of you is a killer. Find the killer and survive.
  • Stronghold - Hold the line, no matter the cost.
  • Reelism - Fight waves of...things...with random rules every rounds... Have fun!

That's pretty much my Best Of doom mods, and all of these have been tested with gzdoom 3.4.1 and Freedoom 2 V0.11.3. Exception for Who Dun It who is a Zandronum mod.

Have fun, frag well.