AeroFalcon OP wrote

Why would capitalists leave you alone?

Without governments doing their bs, war will be very (too) expensive. Like seriously, why would they hire a lot of people just to attack a random small anarchist communes?

Secondly, they can't oppress us, because they can't access our thoughts and they don't know who is & who isn't an anarchist. Do you really think that they will risk killing their capitalists mates/workers?

We already have the internet and it's just a great tool for alt-right garbage.

No, It's a great tool, for things like raddle and illegal content. Without the internet, I don't think that It would have been possible 4 me to learn about anarchism.

Why only government and public schools? what about corporation and private/charter schools? I wonder what is "bad parenting" for you.

Bad parenting -> Sending your children to school instead of homeschooling them. Teaching your children to respect authority/hierarchy...etc


AeroFalcon OP wrote

Easy. Thanks to internet more & more people will know the truth and more & more people become strong enough to fight back/join anarchist communes.

So yeah, internet counter their propaganda.

But capitalism isn't the only problem the government and public schools too. Bad parenting is also a problem...

Just think about it, how can it does?

Capitalist live in their communes, we live in our communes -> end of story


AeroFalcon OP wrote

I really don't get it.

Cuz what happened b4 can't happen in the future bcuz :

I mean today we already have the weapons, defense, internet...etc It's unlikely that capitalists will succeed in invading ancom communes.

There are already a few ancom communes nowadays & not a lot of them have been invaded

And a lot of people will be aware that violence/invading is a dick move (meanwhile in the past, nobody really respected people/life)


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The main problem wasn't capitalists/inequality, It was that hunter gatherers, from an efficient pov aren't that efficient.

With permaculture, u can grow much more things & there is much more food for every1 than in hunter-gatherer lifestyles.

People just left the hunter gatherers lifestyle and wanted to join the agriculture/wage job lifestyle, sadly...

The hunter gatherer weren't that advanced from a technological pov because of their inefficiency & some assholes decided to invade at this moment... Grr...


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How can they exploit humans for their labor

Yea that's why capitalism is bad. Wage jobs r bullshit. Work or starve is bullshit. But what If some people like it? What If some people like this danger? Why are there so many pro-capitalist people in the world then?

You can't exploit land? I mean don't see anything wrong with using land, right? As long as you don't pollute...